Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Polish Party February: Chevrons

Hi everyone

It's already nearly the end of February which means it's polish party time.

This month we have a new  Polish Party facebook page which is how we decided on the theme. Basically we set up a poll and each of us voted on our favourite. Chevrons won this month so here we go.

I have only attempted chevrons once before with disastrous results so I was not really looking forward to this theme. However after seeing someone on Instagram post about some nail guides they had just bought I went in search of them. I found them on eBay. You get 10 different designs for less than £5 bargain! These certainly made my life so much easier.

They are quite hard to photograph but here they are:

Ok so next I had to decide on colours! I toyed with a few ideas and decided to keep it simple and do a kind of gradient. I painted all my nails in the new models own hyper gel pink veneer. When this was fully dry I stuck my guide in place and painted the bottom part of my nail in cerise shine and the tip in white light. Except my ring finger where I did the opposite.

Here they are:

I am quite happy with how they turned out even though I wish I had photographed before I top coated as you can see I smudged them a little when applying my top coat :-( 

Our little group is growing fast so be sure to check out everybody else's designs using the links below 

Thanks for looking I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Sarah x 


  1. I really like your nails, I especially like that you decided to paint your ring finger the opposite way, great touch! I never thought about buying templates, good idea! I used masking tape to create mine but it did turn out better than expected in the end :)

    1. Thank you! I have tried masking tape before it was a disaster ha ha :-)

  2. Yes, I like the accent nail too! Very pretty colour combination.

  3. Lovely! The opposite accent looks fab too. I love those nail guides, aren't they brill?! (I used them too but cut mine in half cos I have tiny nails)

    1. Thank you! Yes they really are so glad I found them :-)